Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time to Grapple with That Big Idea?

Week 30

Time to Grapple with That Big Idea?


            1.   Have you ever muttered, “My head hurts,” but it’s not a
                  real headache?

            2.   I have, when I’ve been hard at work in thought and it
                  doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

            3.   So it’s a feeling of pleasure, not pain, when the tumblers
                  fall into place and we sense we’ve made progress.

            4.   Then might come another downdraft when we doubt our
                  conclusion, that pain again, though of another sort.

            5.   That’s the mud-encased seepage toward clarity, and if
                  we push through the softening, hints of light appear.

            6.   Delivery then becomes a possibility, yet to be tested,
                  even, perhaps, another mile to go.

            7.   Convenience, the siren, has been dismissed; as
                  simplicity—always the best solution—has been hard-won.


How does the
energy work
that goes into
Just to say
I’m going to
think about
to ponder it,
what lifts that up?
We choose to think,
don’t we?
Thunderbolts come,
other thoughts
and sentiments
waft in
and we step out
on our mind’s feet.
There’s a stern
editor at work
and a feeling
that animates,
but what if
the editor’s
got it wrong?
To feel that . . .
that’s the energy
to bid welcome,
the thrust to
know at some

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Proper Consent

Week 29

Proper Consent


            1.   The prose poem below puts me in mind of The True
                  Believer, the book that put Eric Hoffer, the
                  “longshoreman-philosopher,” on the map.

            2.   His evidence: revolutionaries most often replace the
                  oppressive regimes they’ve overthrown with one equally
                  sinister or worse.

            3.   How easy is it to be so right; to have unassailable points
                  of view!

            4.   How easy is it to think, “Well, any fool knows that . . .
                  (You finish the sentence.) O, those unintended

            5.   How will I test my convictions? How will I question my
                  so-called truths? Might I start by exploring them as

            6.   When I “know” I’m “right” about something, I’ve found,
                  still, that I can be wrong when I’ve sought and found
                  such tests.

            7.   Whom do you respect? They will listen to you. Be sure to
                  listen to them.


I stand in full fierce view of a none-too-small infraction—how
occasioned—I don’t know, that in all likelihood requires putting
            aside my well laid plans and without flinch applying my singular,
            conscientious remedy. This unanticipated engagement is with a
            small four-wall-wood-fenced civic construction site surrounding
            a sewer or electronics installation.

I can smell the four-wall is of fresh pine, just built. Someone has
carelessly spilled a can of green paint over the front wall and the
dreadful evidence running down is dried hard.  Well, that needs
to be sanded smooth right this minute, then all walls painted—
by me, of course, to rid us of this egregious disorder.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Cues

Week 28

Random Cues


            1.   Any part of life’s everything can light like a grasshopper
                  upon anything.

            2.   Capture a grasshopper as I did once as a boy and you’ll
                  find you’ve lost it.

            3.   See that something, recognize its blessing, let it roll over
                  you like seaside mist.

            4.   Or riding in a summer car, your hand out the window,
                  fingers spread apart, wind weaving like fleece sliding off
                  your palm.

            5.   What a ride up your backbone to be barked at by a
                  gaggle of guarding geese—a fierce little scaring.

            6.   Something good just happened to me. What was it?

            7.   What, really, did the moment say? What was it I said
                  back with the tilt of my head?


Every heartbeat
Is a gift,
you can’t count it.
Every chirp
of a wren
is a cell’s trill,
you can’t
claim it.
Every wave
of the deep grass
Is a covering,
you can’t
clutch it.
Every kiss
a drop of love,
you can’t
store it.
Every rebuke
is a jolt,
you can’t
bind it.
can fool—
you can
use it
to hurt
Life’s moment
not in
How will

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Calibrations of Soul

Week 27

Calibrations of Soul


            1.   Gate-keeping is one of life’s most underrated functions.

            2.   Bread could not appear on our tables without a chute’s
                  opening to let grain flow.

            3.   At given times, it’s critical to know on which side of the
                  gate you stand.

            4.   At this moment, let’s say I’m inside the door thinking of
                  the possibilities outside.

            5.   I’m grateful of protection; it can be an aid to fulfilling

            6.   I can think about that door and I can feel about it.

            7.   When do I bless surprise and when with composure do I
                  go out?


The door, there,
in the corner, closed,
protects me
from unwanted sounds,
light, and other
possible intrusions.
Yet I smile
at its imperfections
in that regard
or, I’ve just
its perfections—
the sealing is
not complete
nor should it be.
There is seepage
at its edges,
a knock can come
seeking permission,
or an angel,
can throw it

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Way It Is

Week 26

The Way It Is


            1.   Life is just flat out wondrous.

            2.   Think how nice and free-form not to be in control.
                  Wrap your arms around those times. Roll with them.

            3.   Think how often we would have screwed up if we had
                  done it our way.

            4.   Of course, we do get it right most of the time, when our
                  competence shines and we’re true to the call.

            5.   So flexibility is key, with an openness to see how things
                  are in the moment.

            6.   Markets surprise us; stun us might be a better way to
                  put it. Who would think our product or service could have
                  met that need?

            7.   Let’s lighten up and enjoy being startled. We’ve been


The ways of work
the ways of people
to get things done
to get things done right
to get right things done right
What about getting the
wrong things done right?
Doesn’t it work out
sometimes to end up
at the wrong address?
You might meet something
or somebody you’re
supposed to . . .
Tolerance, tolerance,
is what I say!
Let’s find some blessedness
In mistakes.
Yes, let’s laugh
right now.
It was supposed
to be

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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