Sunday, July 21, 2013

Find Your Victory Edge

Find Your Victory Edge


A bird nearby in a tree
makes a hard-edged
staccato sound,
dawn creeping up,
a rhythm like someone
with a deft stroke
who peels potatoes fast.
It’s a welcoming sound,
high energy,
a grate of industry
first thing on waking,
a preparation
for the sun’s rising.
O, let’s get ready!
It’s more than
a cup of coffee,
standing, looking.
But God knows,
there’s nothing
wrong with that,

To Ponder

            1.   How do you face the morning? Poorly, with dread and
                  and an agonizingly slow start? If yes, this message is not 
                  for you.

            2.   But if in good time, you can wake, there are treasures
                  that await you in any climate, on any turf.

            3.   For me, I don’t have to get out of bed to rejoice, at least
                  when the window’s open.

            4.   It can be a breeze, a fresh lift, a woman walking to her 
                  car to start it and leave. Movement. Purpose.

            5.   In this case, it’s a bird, one whose call I’ve never heard,
                  sending out his hard-edged message of deliverance and

            6.   What swift, deft strokes deliver me? Do I have any? Has
                  anyone noticed? Am I well-equipped?

            7.   Such as they may be, how will I perfect them with a
                  clear, unabated energy?


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