Sunday, November 25, 2012

It’s All Part of the Plan

It’s All Part of the Plan

            1.   Even the people who believe in Providence are rocked by

            2.   You might say Providence then becomes, at times, a

            3.   When it becomes policy and life is difficult or even just
                  annoying, it comes under review, and a word for that is

            4.   A contrary view, one that gives Providence a real name,
                  is that the mature life is capable of finding perfection in

            5.   The Providential eye sees all globally, the endless need
                  for variety and flexibility by all, and change therefore,
                  the constant for all.

            6.   So then, there’s a time for safety, and a time for danger.

            7.   A time for hearing when the Word is yes, a time for when
                  it is no.


He said he would look for . . .

            a hole in the perfect hedge
            a crack in the coffee cup
            a blemish on a beautiful face
            a curtain to the golden summer
            a dog with a limp
            a neck in a brace
            a tar paper shack
            a bike without fenders
            a shoe with a broken lace
            a floor that slants
            a river overflowed
            a book with a broken spine
            a child with a runny nose
            a wilted yellow tulip
            a trembling hand of an old woman

            and find there the Plan

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do You Hear Eric Hoffer’s Heartsong?

Do You Hear Eric Hoffer’s Heartsong?

            1.   If you’re not familiar with Eric Hoffer, one of our national
                  treasures, Google, check him out on Wikipedia.

            2.   What he does for us here, without any formal education,
                  is translate, interpret, paint, and sing from his large

            3.   Have you seen a field of summer wheat at a red sundown as a
                  sea of fire that enlarges and fills your being.
            4.   Have you scooped your hand under the Statue of Liberty
                  and lifted it arm’s length as she lifts the torch?

            5.   Have you shrunk yourself and ridden the wings of the
                  hummingbird, dipping with her to the marigold just
                  before noon?.

            6.   What beckons you when you wake to the mourning
                  dove? When you hear the call, where do you go?

            7.   Tell me, how do the flute and player become one?


on the
San Francisco
the frame
of the
in his
tool shed
a portrait
each day
that rivals
the finest
of the

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Receive the Gift

How to Receive the Gift

            1.   I can’t speak for you, but it often seems my best ideas
                  come to me soon after I wake in the morning.

            2.   That’s not just from sleeping on it but is a whole
                  new blast or something else I’d put in abeyance earlier.

            3.   Sometimes the idea comes in a group when I’m
                  corrected for having the wrong idea for the right reason.

            4.   This is an example that a great idea won’t come of age
                  without debate.

            5.   The late Lewis Thomas, CEO of Sloan-Kettering, wrote
                  that new kinds of thinking require an argument

            6.   To have thoughts of your own that you care about deeply
                  is performance you owe others and yourself.

            7.   Do remember, to be truly receptive to the thoughts of
                  others is the back-story of creativity.


An idea—
one that enlivens,
that doesn’t preen,
that comes not
because you’re
but aware
enquiring . . .
not commanded.
alone or
among many.
Is one
that can

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

When to Keep it Inside

When to Keep it Inside

            1.   She was an admired officer of her company. It came to
                  her one day that her young administrative assistant lived
                  a happier life than she.

            2.   She sat back splayed in her chair, dazed. How had she
                  missed this and why was it so?

            3.   She didn’t begrudge her assistant; heavens no, she
                  admired her, grateful she’d shone a light, not even
                  knowing it.

            4.   Nor did she need to quit her job to find herself. She
                  had laid bare the façade right where she was.

            5.   No need to make a big deal of it publicly either. Own it
                  inside. Talk just dissipates.

            6.   She sheds something false.

            7.   She reclaims something true.


The workshop had heft.
I didn’t know
the leader
nor acquainted
with other attendees.
There was the training
and obligatory
small group breakouts,
then it happened—
the peeling—
no, not exhilaration,
the laying bare.
I shed no tears,
swallowed, my
private moment.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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