Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Cues

Week 28

Random Cues


            1.   Any part of life’s everything can light like a grasshopper
                  upon anything.

            2.   Capture a grasshopper as I did once as a boy and you’ll
                  find you’ve lost it.

            3.   See that something, recognize its blessing, let it roll over
                  you like seaside mist.

            4.   Or riding in a summer car, your hand out the window,
                  fingers spread apart, wind weaving like fleece sliding off
                  your palm.

            5.   What a ride up your backbone to be barked at by a
                  gaggle of guarding geese—a fierce little scaring.

            6.   Something good just happened to me. What was it?

            7.   What, really, did the moment say? What was it I said
                  back with the tilt of my head?


Every heartbeat
Is a gift,
you can’t count it.
Every chirp
of a wren
is a cell’s trill,
you can’t
claim it.
Every wave
of the deep grass
Is a covering,
you can’t
clutch it.
Every kiss
a drop of love,
you can’t
store it.
Every rebuke
is a jolt,
you can’t
bind it.
can fool—
you can
use it
to hurt
Life’s moment
not in
How will

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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