Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time to Grapple with That Big Idea?

Week 30

Time to Grapple with That Big Idea?


            1.   Have you ever muttered, “My head hurts,” but it’s not a
                  real headache?

            2.   I have, when I’ve been hard at work in thought and it
                  doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

            3.   So it’s a feeling of pleasure, not pain, when the tumblers
                  fall into place and we sense we’ve made progress.

            4.   Then might come another downdraft when we doubt our
                  conclusion, that pain again, though of another sort.

            5.   That’s the mud-encased seepage toward clarity, and if
                  we push through the softening, hints of light appear.

            6.   Delivery then becomes a possibility, yet to be tested,
                  even, perhaps, another mile to go.

            7.   Convenience, the siren, has been dismissed; as
                  simplicity—always the best solution—has been hard-won.


How does the
energy work
that goes into
Just to say
I’m going to
think about
to ponder it,
what lifts that up?
We choose to think,
don’t we?
Thunderbolts come,
other thoughts
and sentiments
waft in
and we step out
on our mind’s feet.
There’s a stern
editor at work
and a feeling
that animates,
but what if
the editor’s
got it wrong?
To feel that . . .
that’s the energy
to bid welcome,
the thrust to
know at some

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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