Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Is It That’s Exceptional about You?

What Is It That’s Exceptional about You?


“Am I exceptional,”
she asked herself.
It hadn’t occurred to her
till a friend,
near death
told her she was.
Now her friend
was gone and
she was left
with the memory
from bedside
and it wouldn’t leave her.
I am exceptional,
she declared,
“and that itself
is not.”
What did she do
with this realization?
Very little, for now,
except, alone,
to acknowledge
her vanity
and smile.

To Ponder

            1.   Imagine being at the bedside of a dying friend—one you’ve loved for
                  years—and she tells you you’re exceptional.

            2.   Of course, you feel deeply touched and hardly know how
                  to respond at this time.

            3.   Of course, again, you’re grateful to this woman who
                  means so much to you.

            4.   Days, weeks, months go by and her statement stays with
                  you, even begins to feel like an obligation.

            5.   Then it dawns on you that you’re special, and then again,
                  not special at all.

            6.   Then you admit you got a little puffed up and chuckle

            7.   Now it’s clear: What you are that makes you like nobody
                  else is what you owe to the world!

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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