Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grounded: Your life’s Imperative

Grounded: Your life’s Imperative


Ω This last letter
in the Greek alphabet
arose in my meditations
this morning.
I first thought of it
as an algebraic
or physics symbol,
the meaning of which
I didn’t remember.
But the picture I got
is the lower half
of a human body
stick figure
with feet well planted.
Later it came to me
as the omega,
the last,
the end,
the ultimate.

To Ponder

            1.   GROUND (grounding, grounded) is one of the most
                  significant words in our language.

            2.   Think of the symbolism the word evokes: beginnings,
                  foundation, rootedness, source, stability, legacy.

            3.   Nothing, nobody thrives and lasts without grounding.

            4.   Nothing in life is as significant as our determination and
                  moderation in cultivating and establishing our grounding.

            5.   What sustains us in our failings and crises? What
                  stabilizes us in our successes and exhilarations?

            6.   Be reflective. Stop running and hiding. What do you need
                  to do and be to be grounded?

            7.   What’s your most revealing symbol of groundedness?
                  Start there.


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