Sunday, July 8, 2012

Calibrations of Soul

Week 27

Calibrations of Soul


            1.   Gate-keeping is one of life’s most underrated functions.

            2.   Bread could not appear on our tables without a chute’s
                  opening to let grain flow.

            3.   At given times, it’s critical to know on which side of the
                  gate you stand.

            4.   At this moment, let’s say I’m inside the door thinking of
                  the possibilities outside.

            5.   I’m grateful of protection; it can be an aid to fulfilling

            6.   I can think about that door and I can feel about it.

            7.   When do I bless surprise and when with composure do I
                  go out?


The door, there,
in the corner, closed,
protects me
from unwanted sounds,
light, and other
possible intrusions.
Yet I smile
at its imperfections
in that regard
or, I’ve just
its perfections—
the sealing is
not complete
nor should it be.
There is seepage
at its edges,
a knock can come
seeking permission,
or an angel,
can throw it

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