Sunday, August 11, 2013

Answer the Call

Answer the Call


My Gemini feet
gave me thrust
and I leapt to the
grand chandelier
in the center of the ballroom.
All the guests gasped,
and one-by-one
I flicked out
the bulbs with
the glass falling
to the floor,
and all the children
gleefully crunched
out the fragments
stamping with their shoes.
I swung like Tarzan
in the darkened room,
then took off for
Cambodia, my wings
showing only slightly.
People never noticed
I never returned.

To Ponder

            1.   Have you made your appearance? Have you strut your

            2.   When you think about it, it’s amazing how many of us go
                  through life with our candle under the bushel.

            3.   What do you do in the meeting when an issue comes up
                  and all eyes turn to you?

            4.   Think about that time when you couldn’t duck from the
                  call and delivered beautifully. Realize how often you think about it.

            5.   Wouldn’t you like to be the one with winged feet, at least
                  now and then? Admit it, it would be fun. It would be like being a kid again.

            6.   There are people around who would delight in your
                  shining. Some truly counting on you.

            7.   Do it, then retreat to the wings knowing you made good
                  with your gifts, you did your job.

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