Sunday, November 25, 2012

It’s All Part of the Plan

It’s All Part of the Plan

            1.   Even the people who believe in Providence are rocked by

            2.   You might say Providence then becomes, at times, a

            3.   When it becomes policy and life is difficult or even just
                  annoying, it comes under review, and a word for that is

            4.   A contrary view, one that gives Providence a real name,
                  is that the mature life is capable of finding perfection in

            5.   The Providential eye sees all globally, the endless need
                  for variety and flexibility by all, and change therefore,
                  the constant for all.

            6.   So then, there’s a time for safety, and a time for danger.

            7.   A time for hearing when the Word is yes, a time for when
                  it is no.


He said he would look for . . .

            a hole in the perfect hedge
            a crack in the coffee cup
            a blemish on a beautiful face
            a curtain to the golden summer
            a dog with a limp
            a neck in a brace
            a tar paper shack
            a bike without fenders
            a shoe with a broken lace
            a floor that slants
            a river overflowed
            a book with a broken spine
            a child with a runny nose
            a wilted yellow tulip
            a trembling hand of an old woman

            and find there the Plan

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