Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Receive the Gift

How to Receive the Gift

            1.   I can’t speak for you, but it often seems my best ideas
                  come to me soon after I wake in the morning.

            2.   That’s not just from sleeping on it but is a whole
                  new blast or something else I’d put in abeyance earlier.

            3.   Sometimes the idea comes in a group when I’m
                  corrected for having the wrong idea for the right reason.

            4.   This is an example that a great idea won’t come of age
                  without debate.

            5.   The late Lewis Thomas, CEO of Sloan-Kettering, wrote
                  that new kinds of thinking require an argument

            6.   To have thoughts of your own that you care about deeply
                  is performance you owe others and yourself.

            7.   Do remember, to be truly receptive to the thoughts of
                  others is the back-story of creativity.


An idea—
one that enlivens,
that doesn’t preen,
that comes not
because you’re
but aware
enquiring . . .
not commanded.
alone or
among many.
Is one
that can

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