Sunday, April 7, 2013

When Awe Doesn’t Last

When Awe Doesn’t Last


As a young boy come home
from his first visit to The
Museum of Science and Industry
in Chicago, I had hot hands
eager to work.
What they held
in a proprietary way
for an interminable ride home
was a box containing
one of those
spiral steel coils—
that stood like a cylinder,
perhaps five inches tall
and about the same width.
It was an industrial toy
that thrilled me, shortened
my breath.
I placed it on the top stair
of the second floor of our house.
I looped it over in
an upside-down J
to the first stair below 
and then let it go
to walk itself down,
robot-like, stair-by-stair,
zzzh-bap, zzzhh-bap, zzzhh-bap
to the first floor.
I watched as it descended,
walked beside it,
ran down ahead and waited
for it to come to me.
I repeated this feat
perhaps 15 times;
it was in me.
Then I put it away
in its box
and don't remember
ever opening it again.

To Ponder

            1.   There is overkill in the overthrill.

            2.   The latter comes on us like can’t sleep teen-age
                  infatuation for someone of the opposite sex.

            3.   Perhaps it can’t be helped or moderated, a holding
                  back so as not to kill something of true merit.

            4.   I admit I haven’t the cure, but have stopped worrying over it; what’s the
                  harm in an occasional comet streak? You always can walk away.

            5.   Yet you can learn something about yourself when confronted by an
                  explosive beginning followed by a fizzled finish.

            6.   Is it a careless entry that beguiles you? Or could it be an incandescent
                  vision that needs only a firm, disciplined hand?

            7.   The main thing to rule out: the fizzle is a result of your own fear.

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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