Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tune in for a New Tomorrow

Tune in for a New Tomorrow


It's OK, chauvinist—as I am—
looking in from the outside,
for a woman to wear the pants
in the family.
It's merely a role
thought that men should play.
So let's wipe the slate
in this band of change,
looking back on other things
when it wasn't
our ox being gored
and we always thought
it was as ordered,
and now slipping away,
it hurts.

Husbands stayed home
with the kids
as their wives,
service women,
were shipped off to war
and now return.

It won't all end well
for these pioneers
scrunching over
the bell-shaped curve,
but it will settle
and things will be different
for good.

It's the way,
with no apologies

To Ponder

            1.         It’s amazing how fast big changes can come
                        unexpectedly, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

            2.         There are seers who see and some who don’t see. Truth
                        is, most of us can be surprised by what comes.

            3.         Social change always hurts someone, or even large
                        numbers of people. Today, I’m thinking about role
                        changes between women and men.

            4.         The verdict of history seems to be we don’t go back.
                        Fads repeat, novelty repeats; that’s about it.

            5.         What we think we can’t tolerate or bear in some way,
                        most often we can.

            6.         How to rise to higher ground in peace? That’s the
                        question. How do we let things in with grace?

            7.         If we expect perfection, the ideal, we’ll be hopelessly
                        lost. What might I do for the cause?

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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