Sunday, March 24, 2013

Consider This Underutilized Method

Consider This Underutilized Method


Columbus Park,
a public landscape gem
of architecture at the
furthest west edge
of Chicago in a section
called Austin, had a winter
sled run, beguiling lagoon,
nine-hole golf course,
and on summer
Sunday afternoons,
a lush green space
tucked away
for lawn bowling.
What an unlikely picture
to me as a young boy,
come upon it unexpectedly—
the men in white shoes
and trousers and
light white sweaters--
playing this genteel game,
surrounded by a blue-collar
neighborhood. I gaped at first,
then settled in on a bench,
drawn still as salt, an observer
to the players
good-natured procedures,
not forgotten to this day,
the conviviality,
the civility
of it all.

To Ponder

            1.   It occurs to me how little we ask questions of others
                  when we truly need to.

            2.   This is in stark contrast to do so to judge, impress, stall
                  or evade.

            3.   Imagine simply asking “Is this OK with you?” or “I think
                  you’ll like this. Do you?“

            4.   Amazing, how a question well-timed or placed can keep
                  us from going astray and win a friend at the same time.

            5.   How about this? “I see you’re very effective. Tell me why
                  you do it that way.”

            6.   Simply listening is the most underutilized way of asking
                  a pertinent question and gaining a satisfying answer.

            7.   In other words, be patient; people often will answer your
                  question in a better way if you’ll wait till they “get there.”

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