Sunday, February 10, 2013

Come On. What If?

Come On! What If?


If I were an equestrian,
which I'm not,
or to ride motorcycles,
which I don't,
I would wear knee-high boots
as boon companions,
and care for them myself.
Things are more than things.
The meaning is in me.

To Ponder

            1.   Do you ever find yourself seriously wondering What if?

            2.   It’s certainly not a constant activity for me, but frequently I take the asking
                  as a wake-up call.

            3.   It can put you in other peoples’ shoes, which is great for
                  empathy, but also fires up your imagination.

            4.   Events and outcomes all around us every day show us
                  who we’re not and what we’re not.

            5.   Those certitudes often result from our choices, and
                  that’s fine, but with some give on our part, also may be
                  eye-openers for new action.

            6.   What if the way a woman in the country grooms her
                  horse sparks insights on how you meet a stranger?

            7.   What if a struggling musician in a play teaches you how you trip yourself

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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