Sunday, March 31, 2013

Analogy Is Your Teacher

Analogy Is Your Teacher


I've seen big dogs
and little dogs at play
and fix one angle
on diversity.
The frisky small one,
not aware of its size,
calls on quickness and agility.
The good-willed
big one, tolerant,
used to dominance,
is often bewildered.
The little one nips,
barks and flees.
The big one chases,
catches and smothers-
though not truly-
for the little one
escapes capture
with a hint of complicity
from the big one.
And so it goes
till they're exhausted
and seek rest,
both panting,
at ease
in the other's company.
Their masters,
standing by,
chat amiably
and chuckle,
their own time
at play,
practicing diversity.

To Ponder

            1.   Analogies are everywhere we turn. Let’s make good
                  use of them, liven up the pictures of our lives.

            2.   Look hard; dogs, other beings and sights place
                  big meanings and lessons right before us. Turn the
                  scene over. See the freshness.

            3.   It’s fun, great fun, to live this way, learning from
                  almost anything, when we least expect it. What’s the
                  image, the symbol, for you?

            4.   Do you have a dog, been around dogs a lot? Or cats?
                  What have they taught you?

            5.   Sometimes you’re big in life; what have you learned
                  from that? Sometimes you’re small; what about it
                  when that happens?

            6.   Are the dogs’ masters in the accompanying poem
                  learning from being together? What’s your guess?
                  What, possibly?

            7.   Process! Always process!! Turn the noun into a verb.
                  Go ahead. Add thin layers to the bulk of what you’ve
                  just experienced.

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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