Sunday, January 20, 2013

See What Has Been Wrought

See What Has Been Wrought

What is a farm?
I mean the old
family farm . . .
If I knew I’d share it with you,
so taken am I
with the original idea.
                        But that doesn’t seem
to work anymore.
Don’t get me wrong,
the farm has rumblings—
the underside of thunder
that jostles from the innards
of the current survivors.
                        The hours they work
in acceptance of fears
bring a pittance
for their efforts
only because the
property they’ve owned
for so long brings
an owner’s return.
                        But it won’t last.
Here’s the story:
Love that farmer’s daughter,
smart at school,
gone for honors
at the university.
She’ll be a senator
some day—
corrupt and hapless
as that may seem.
She’ll appear
and work and do
and inspire the next,
planting seeds that take root.

To Ponder

            1.   Ways of life pass by and are gone. Their absence is more
                  than memories of youth that have thinned out.

            2.   They’re really gone, not to be repeated, no longer
                  serviceable to new tastes and ambitions.

            3.   What has gone that you remember warmly is still part of
                  you and helped make you.

            4.   There’s a rightful place in life for regret, not a clinging, but
                  appreciation for past value.

            5.   Typically, we move through these passages without much
                  difficulty, or even thinking about them.

            6.   Then looking back, the true lesson is seeing the gift in the
                  evolving landscape; how we have grown by what’s been

            7.   What green shoots have made their appearance? What
                  have we planted that we’d overlooked?

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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