Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Place to Pause

A Place to Pause


There’s a well in the barnyard
off to the side,
not near the back of the house-
a step from the kitchen.
She seems ornamental,
for this is a modern house
full of all appliances
and hot running water.
The well, for me, at least—
a visitor, is a call to memory.
So well trimmed, she is,
with thick-mortared rough brick—
a lone-standing beauty
with a little pitched roof
and crank complete
with galvanized bucket
I accepted, leaned over
her edge to see
my shadow
in her silver-blue sky,
lowered the bucket
like a proud boy,
cranked it up,
then turned it over,
pouring its glisten back
like a fish I’d caught
and didn’t keep.

To Ponder

            1.   When chance provides you with a magnificent repeat of
                  the past, for heavens sake do not let it go by untouched.

            2.   Do not, I say, do not dismiss small events and visuals
                  that wake you up to former feelings you’ve lost.

            3.   What are they, words of an old song; something your
                  sister said to you once that smacked you flat?

            4.   We are who we are, even though we may try to forget.
                  That’s the foundation—a strength somehow—not to deny.

            5.   No matter, rich or poor, or wherever in between, you are
                  in some measure where and what you came from and
                  that’s your uniqueness.

            6.   You don’t have to be limited by your past. You can grow
                  beyond, grateful that bits of your history is in your cells—
                  rich and true! 

            7.   So look around; the eyes you have to see are yours
                  alone. Claim their bounty.

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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