Sunday, December 16, 2012

Program Your Payoffs

Program Your Payoffs

            1.   Spontaneity can take its flight in the midst of structure.

            2.   The beautiful house, that wins your look of awe, could
                  not stand without a firm foundation. Where comes the
                  flower without its root?

            3.   On walks over familiar ground and among the regular, I
                  see sights that surprise and delight, others that that
                  shock and disturb.

            4.   We say variety is the spice of life, but many forays fail to
                  produce true change, but just some same-ol’, same-ol’

            5.   In old or new settings, it’s being anticipatory that can
                  keep us awake in a chair and calm in a storm.

            6.   It is along the way to the payoff that we often find the   

            7.   On my walks to the heron, sometimes sauntering or with
                  a bounce in my step, I may meet a stranger.


They call it an avenue,
just outside our place,
but it’s pretty rough
and lacks for sidewalks
most of its distance
as it makes its way past
modest houses with
gravelly fronts and carports—
just perfect for walks.
There’s a house with
a wall of bougainvillea
that beckons,
blows me kisses
from its thin red lips,
and over there, one
sheltered by a Torrey Pine
of massive trunk and
overhead sweep that
nods in greeting as I
pass beneath it.
The railroad runs
behind the houses
on the west side,
reminding me of
another time
along the tracks
reaching my stature.
Overall, it’s a two-mile
stretch, an occasional
runner, a mom with
buggy and babe, a few
shops, the four-way
cross street, then
the easy stride to the
wetlands lagoon,
and if I’m lucky,
there standing, on one
thin reed of a leg
a treasure in serenity,
that tall white heron.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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