Sunday, December 30, 2012

Look for the Way to Know

Look for the Way to Know

            1.   I believe it was Loren Eiseley who first said that however
                  we comprehend the almighty, it is one of “the many
                  faces of God.”

            2.   Only this week a friend said to me, “Just by using the
                  word God, you’re a believer somehow.

            3.   I grew up in Protestant fundamentalism and walked
                  away from it. Still, some kind of intimacy with God via
                  Jesus has appeal.

            4.   It seems plausible that on another planet in 30
                  millennia, we’ll hear from the lips of Jesus, ”I told you
                  so; Welcome, you’re perfect.”

            5.   Wild possibilities! That’s what I think. I don’t care so
                  much about the how, but that underneath it all, there’s a

            6.   Look for a way to know. It makes life better—prepared;
                  as The Tao Te Ching says, to be made rugged and
                  common as a stone.

            7.   Imperturbability seems part of the Plan, the possibility:
                  Wolf and lamb. Peace on “earth.”


God, I search
for the way to address


He, She, It or
sometimes, I even wonder,
should it be We—
that somehow in
the deepest reaches
in our weak faith
we are You, the
curse and blessing
you have given us,
our failures and successes
in the consciousness of the


When we fling ourselves
at your feet in fear
and let lie there
we again are picked up
and bound as you were and


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