Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Pure Fire is Below

The Pure Fire is Below

            1.   We listen hard and longingly for the siren song of

            2.   But more than we’re willing to say, we do so rocking
                  back on our heels rather than poised on the balls of our

            3.   That’s not a bad thing at all if we’ll give up the play-
                  acting and acknowledge our good place in our fallow

            4.   The quiet, gray, fallow times may follow earnest effort
                  and accomplishment or, perhaps, perceived failure.
                  They’re times for reassessment.

            5.   Did you ever consider that life draws its significance
                  for us from the fact we know we’re going to die? Now

            6.   It’s good to put a positive spin on loss and shortcomings
                  so long as you count it learning, growing, getting real.

            7.   I notice the intensity of feeling is greater when I so-called
                  “lose“ than when I so-called “win.” That’s the
                  redeemable me.


down, down
going down
not up
has come
now and then
in moments of

real worth in
conflict when
eventually truth
and good will
win out

when people
have grown down
not up
admission a
painful release
a light goes on
a bond
is made

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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