Sunday, January 6, 2013

Take Tomorrow’s Lead

Take Tomorrow’s Lead


A day to do
and not to do
A day to see
my place
among others
To listen and speak
what’s real to me
at the time
A day to move
and be still
A day to let come,
a day to let go
A day to smile
and be empty
as a mirror
A day to hold
and be held
A day to taste the food
A day among many

         To Ponder

            1.   A day wasted may be a day saved. Laying waste may be
              the laying of a new foundtion.

            2.   What can a day mean to you? Are you inclined to ask, get specific?
                  To look?

            3.   How willing are you to be shown? What shape would openness to the day
                  take for you?

            4.   How might the day connect or disconnect to other specific days, those
                  past or coming?

            5.   Tonight, the night before tomorrow, what kind of day might that be?
                  What might you do to welcome it?

            6.   How will you open the door, start the car or board the train?

            7.   What one thing do you know that you’ve forgotten, that floats about,
                  waiting for your recall?


© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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