Sunday, October 28, 2012

What’s Your Unpretentious Best?

What’s Your Unpretentious Best?

            1.   Where do you come from? That’s the central question
                  posed by the Tao Te Ching.

            2.   From ashes-to-ashes, dust-to-dust, where are you in 

            3.   I read once that a famous Hollywood director instructed
                  his dry cleaner to return his suits clean and rumpled.

            4.   Was that a contrivance? Yes, I suppose, but I sure like
                  the message.

            5.   Care to wait till we’re on our death-beds to ask if we’ve
                  been real to people closest to us, with imploring eyes,
                  not knowing the answer?

            6.   Proud of where you are in life? That’s OK, if you’ll take
                  time to remember your close calls. They might have gone
                  the other way.

            7.   Just be grateful at all times. That will deliver you.


She donned that
old rumpled straw hat,
the one with the
broad brim and faded
wide brown ribbon.
Here she was at
her unpretentious best,
her climbing warmth
spread over me and our
partners—a mother-friend
and young married son
sauntering the beach
on an early
Sunday afternoon—
a convenience of
caring company, a
lesson in simplicity,
an ease seldom matched.
We stop, they want
a picture, done,
and we move on.
She sends us a print
from Chicago, now
sitting on our dresser
for six years.
Love that memory.
Love that hat.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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