Sunday, September 23, 2012

See What Isn’t There, Then Put it There

week 38

See What Isn’t There, Then Put it There


            1.   Creating and entertaining fantasies is one of the best
                  ways I know to acknowledge what I want!

            2.   It’s a mistake not to know what you want. Some truly
                  may not know and others are embarrassed to say. Wake
                  up. Don’t be embarrassed.

            3.   Suppose you saw The Horse Whisperer starring Robert
                  Redford, and found out you love horses. In a way you
                  never knew.

            4.   So how do you imagine yourself in a life with a horse--
                  even if you’ve seldom been near one?

            5.   Let it fly. Ride one like the wind or nurture a sick one
                  back to life—all in your mind.

            6.   Own the feeling. After all, this is you, what you care
                  about. It’s your creation, bubbled up within. You can’t
                  fake or deny that!

            7.   Make your plan. Write an email. Place your phone call.

                  get in touch with somebody to take the next step. Get to
                  know a horse!


Sitting still
in the corner chair
just past dawn
listening—the window
wide open—
buoyant on the birds’ frolics.
One flew in, pecked me
on my left earlobe
and whispered
“come with me.”
I did and she propped me
up on a dew-dropped leaf
to spritely waves
on the morning’s breeze,
whereupon I spent the day,
and when I returned home,
was surprised to hear
my love’s sweet query:

your journey . . . tell me,
how was it?

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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