Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tally the Breath of Tranquility

Week 34

Tally the Breath of Tranquility


            1.   How can I ponder the depth of the obvious; I’m so busy
                  looking past it?

            2.   “Glance around slowly” is the advice of a dear friend,
                  and I know he’s right. It’s a practice I work at.

            3.   I want to get into the joy of it, realizing delight in the
                  ordinary; feeling the absolute rhythm of the simple.

            4.   The predictability gives us comfort while the absence or
                  delay is a missing note in a tune we know well.

            5.   Maybe I should just hit “Like” as in Facebook to start the
                  tally. Is that so silly?

            6.   Right now, I kid you not, a hansom cab with tourists
                  passes my open window—horse goes dippa-dop,
                  dippa-dop, dippa a-dop.

            7.   Let’s agree, isn’t that the unexpected now? Welcome


beat of the drum,
beat of the heart,
door opening, closing,
escalator clicks
at the top,
crow’s early
caw, caw, caw,
ax in its chop,
hammer pounding,
cars passing
by your window,
ringing phone,
leaping flames
in the fireplace,
waves washing
up on shore,
steps taken to arrive,
stroke of the saw,
sizzle in the fry pan,
pats to the dog,
pours to the
coffee cup,
airplanes taking off,
commuter trains
coming in,
flashes of the
turn signal,
quarter hour peal
from the bell tower,
pulling back
the bed covers,
Hi! to your colleague,
kiss for your lover

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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