Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get Where You Need to Be

Week 37

Get Where You Need to Be


            1.   The where of mind and heart may or may not require a
                  naming based on geography.

            2.   It’s possible to cover millions of miles without a single

            3.   It’s the interruption that’s the imperative. What will you jar loose? Shatter,
                  if need be?

            4.   What will you do to face down the scare, the true  
                  claiming and owning what you know rings true for you?
                  Nothing? Be safe?

            5.   Your only safety is leaving what you love, trusting the

            6.   Your clumsiness, and your pain, even, is your delight; the
                  way to confirm the rightness of your fresh pursuit.

            7.   Who knew till then? Certainly not you: the measure in
                  full of what was wanted.


Getting new
I need to be,
to do new
I need to do
the normal flow
and jostles
the way I
see myself.
It separates me
from my love
and threads me
into new corners.
It spurs my faith
in departures
and distances.
Who awaits?
What demands?
What will I give
that up to now
has not been sought
and cloaked

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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