Sunday, August 19, 2012

What You See Is Not What You Get

Week 33

What You See Is Not What You Get


            1.   I Frequently refer to breakthroughs as ooze-throughs. There’s a slow
                  step-by-step process to most payoffs.

            2.   Mid-size steps, big steps and small ones all go into the 
                  arrival at a desired destination.

            3.   Often, too, even when completely desirable, the end of the destination is
                  not what was previously envisioned.

            4.   Dark and light complement each other; same as fast and
                  slow, high and low, hard and soft.

            5.   A poem appearing sluggish among others may take you
                  where you need to be as a receptor of new sights, sounds
                  or feelings.

            6.   The so-called fallow time in the project may provide for
                  re-evaluation previously rejected, and options that now

            7.   Walk with wide wings that sweep and gather as you cross
                  over the ground.


I, the poem,
am him.
Today, I want
to speak for him
in a sole way.
Right out, I speak
as a poem
among my many
selves, his selves.
My heart
has been hurt
when the reader says
there are some
really good poems
in this book,
meaning this self
of me—
the one among
is thought
for less.
I, the sole poem,
distinct but
not glistening,
am a carrier,
mellow in spirit,
keeping the flow
until one of me
on another page
appears as
a flash.
Let’s remember
that’s your flash.
I am one of many.
I take you up.
I bring you down.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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