Sunday, October 7, 2012

Be Present at the Creation

Be Present at the Creation

            1.   As grade-schoolers a few of us could report with delight
                  and big wide eyes events that were stranger than fiction.

            2.   We hadn’t been there, but had heard of them from
                  others and could relay them in small club-like gatherings.

            3.   Some adults say they’ve taken a leap of faith with no
                  assurances and are astounded at the bounty, spiritually
                  and temporally.

            4.   There’s the calling for each one of us—I believe that
                  surely—but we can refuse.

            5.   Not availing ourselves of the risk, to not step into the
                  mystery when it’s presented, is the grinding down of a
                  counterfeit safety.

            6.   A toe in the water is kindergarten, perhaps a start or
                  merely a sop.

            7.   What is the world showing you?


It’s one thing
to have a curiosity
and satisfy it—
say, how massive
construction machinery
gets built.
What, though, to make
of bolts from the blue?
A long absent friend appears
in your thoughts
and one day soon,
on the street before you.
A piece of work—
that fits your gifts—
leaps forward
from a phone call.
A last minute idea
wriggles free
at the moment
of delivery,
sprinkling fairy dust.
A casual question you raise
opens a new world.
            So, truth told,
            you’ve been there . . .
            what do you
            make of it,

            this time?

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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