Sunday, September 9, 2012

When You Learn You Don’t Have It

Week 36

When You Learn You Don’t Have It


            1    Think back to a time or two—not too far back—when you
                  came up short and were embarrassed.

            2.   Sometimes you don’t know that you’ve blown it, like this
                  young man, who wondered why the girl snubbed him
                  after his comment.

            3.   On the spot, or hit later, as when a friend shared that he  
                  showed ignorance about one of the greatest novels ever
                  written, it hurts.

            4.   When you know it right away, and the matter is serious,
                  the only answer is to admit your error then and there and

            5.   If it’s a faux pas, find a way to be self-deprecating in a
                  light way and pledge acute awareness in all such future

            6.   In all such events, the most important apology goes
                  to yourself. You’re human. Everybody feels out of his
                  depth sometimes.

            7.   Last, time heals. The event sinks to the bottom. You
                  learn, recover. Perhaps you read Dostoevsky and draw
                  your own conclusions


The suit climbs aboard
the bus—packed—
among end-of-day
One spot left,
he lurches, grabs
the pull-down handle
firmly, settles,
takes a deep breath,
then sighs audibly,
and sees more—
a pretty girl—
seated right before him,
engrossed in her book.
Maybe a date, he thinks,
at least a cup of coffee.
I’ll ride with her
to her stop, get off.
He launches, smiling:
Hey, that’s a thick book!
She looks up, nods,
He asks, what’s its title?
She says Brothers Karamazov.
He counters,
Oh, is it any good?

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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