Sunday, September 2, 2012

Be Wary of the Promise

Week 35

Be Wary of the Promise


            1.   Occasionally, we all have the opportunity to tumble,
                  alone, into serene beauty.

            2.   It can be beguiling, wholly able to envelop us in
                  momentary silence and wonder.

            3.   Then we move, wanting to see more, tasting the
                  indescribible, reaching, touching.

            4.   The Eden-like glade lures one’s eyes past the path to an
                  expanse beyond our vision.

            5.   And there, always, the lapping blue waters, and the long
                  calling to the faraway. Come!

            6.   But Ah, Good . . . I see your senses are not fully tapped
                  out. Your keen eye discerns the perilous beach.

            7.   And you go, the decision not painful, with a wary nod,
                  judgment deep and full, the alternative declared.


The visitations
so varied and
stretched taut—
out upon
late summer’s
wide lawn
sloping upward gently,
the quiet glide
of a swan;
then comes
a deceptive
soft sand shore
layered thick with
jagged broken shells,
each a honed blade
to slice your step.
Though sight be clear,
the choice simple,
today, before you—
the cunning beach.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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