Sunday, August 5, 2012

When the Seemingly Insignificant Isn’t

Week 31

When the Seemingly Insignificant Isn’t


            1.   The seasonality of a happening—any event that means a
                  great deal to you—may not conform to the calendar.

            2.   Nor is it necessarily of the same length or intensity when
                  it repeats.

            3.   Such it is with a photo in our bedroom, that has its
                  special moment—not just once but periodically.

            4.   See it below, three husbands. Along with our wives,  
                  we’ve just completed a five-day safari in Kenya.

            5.   We’re in a lodge bar, waiting to be taken to the small
                  airport from which we’ll fly for two hours to the Seychelle

            6.   I’m the one standing, giggling, 15 years ago or more. I’ve
                  just shared a “male secret” with our wives that make mis
                  amigos groan.

            7.   A bond confirmed, a mock betrayal forgiven, something
                  special that makes life sing, never to be forgotten. It’s
                  how things can be.


That photo, nothing
special, sits idly
in a collection
over there
on the dresser,
often not seen,
and seen past.
Yet some mornings,
it’s one of the first
things I take in—clearly,
forcefully, in its soft
warm leather frame,
wearing well and
asserting itself
The phone rings;
out the window,
a day gray as wool,
a call that matters to me.
As I stand and talk
and turn, looking,
the photo
looks me back,
and I remember.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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