Sunday, June 17, 2012

That Thing!

Week 24

That Thing!


            1.   It’s true isn’t it? If you’ve announced, people want to see
                  how you do.

            2.   It’s not that they love you, necessarily; they want to see if you can deliver.
            3.   Their motives vary and are their own. Best not to take
                  your bows, even when you succeed. That makes the
                  mark more.

            4.   The more significant question is what is your It? That’s
                  your heavy homework.

            5.   What is it, really, you need to do and not look the other

            6.   What has intruded lately, that has you thinking about it?
                  That’s your own hound of heaven.

            7.   Make sure the it is under your skin. This is the only way to live!


How will you
do it?,
she asked.
He didn’t know
and said so.
It depends
on the it,
he said.
Since hearing
that exchange,
I’ve wondered
about my it,

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