Sunday, April 15, 2012

When Life is Living in the Fold

Week 15

When Life is Living in the Fold


1.   The greatest gift in the world of love is the love of someone, not from someone.

2.   To be blown away permanently by a partner—ever and always—is psychic perpetual motion.

3.   To love fully is to be snapped to attention.

4.   When anger comes, as it will, it cannot, does not, have the heart to last

5.   We ask men to find their feminine side, but women were, at least in apparel, over and out fast with their masculine side.

6.   Being in love is to know you’ll never be alone, knowing how not to be alone.

7.   Yet love makes solitude rich.


How does he know her,
            that executive with eyes that shine,
                        and a giver’s pulse,
                                    with forgiveness in hand,
                                                and . . . so quickly hurt?

            but for her glance that holds,
                        the quick embrace,
                                    her heart-born touch,
                                                and . . . doubt a whisk.

but for her electrified hurl,
                        a toter’s arm and leg,
                                    her sure reach for what makes do,
                                                and . . . harshness that scuttles.

but for making good’s case,
                        hearing none but compassion’s voice,
                                    lighting up those drawn to her,
and . . . a will for worry.

but as mirror to his faults,
                        and gifts as well,
                                    a link—a bond, even—to those he cherishes,
                                                and . . . impatience that snuffs.

More, still, does he know her—
as a pilgrim, yes,
            believer in him and the powers,
            soul to him in love without words,
            and her the creator, hearth and home.
Love with her?
            Look at him see her right now, taking a nap, tiny triangle
            of her face covered by the crumpled sheet, eyes, nose, lips,
            serene, peeking pretty. If he ever walked out the door, he
            wouldn’t make it past the first step.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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