Sunday, May 13, 2012

The imagination Hiding in Small Things

Week 19

The imagination Hiding in Small Things


      1.   Carrying a book is one of life’s pleasant little rituals.

      2.   Let’s say you pull one out of a bookcase downstairs,
            then climb upstairs to sit and read in bed.

      3.   We become aware of these simple acts and what they
            mean to us when we’re interrupted from carrying them

      4.   Decades ago, a facilitator asked us to cross our arms,
            then reverse the way we always do it. It made us feel
            clumsy, ungainly. Try it.

      5.   What comes to mind is how much these little moves
            serve to hold us up, even comfort us.

      6.   Parsing ritual can be an exercise in imagination.

      7.   Imagination is always some kind of coming alive, a
            knowing participation.


Have you noticed
how good it feels
to carry a book?
Just one, with it
held between your
palm and fingers
on one side and
your pressuring thumb
on the other.
Something good
will come from this,
or likely to.
Once, a grade-school teacher
asked me to bring the
dictionary from the school
library to our classroom
for a project—the
big one on the stand,
ten inches thick.
I cradled it in both
my arms and
imagined I was hoisting
a wheelbarrow full of coal,
delivering it
to our cold little house.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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