Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sometimes Your Ears Have Eyes

Week 22

Sometimes Your Ears Have Eyes


            1.       There are some things in life we just put up with. They
                       may annoy but not enough.

            2.       Name a sound that sets your teeth on edge. How does it  
                       affect your body?

            3.       It’s surprising how much we can sense by tone and pace
                       when we can’t truly make out what’s being said.

            4.       Lean into a conversation—what, not who, is talking?

            5.       Why is it that the question she asked me on the subway
                       sticks with me?

            6.       Why don’t tirades work?

            7.       How is it that flowers like simple daffodils, bound with a
                       rubber band, deliver a kiss with just a handoff?


Sounds from the TV
in the other room—
I can’t make out the words
and don’t want to,
but here they are,
anyway, abrasive
as coarse wool.
Oh, those voices
so pitched and fervent?
This is the soft medium,
after all, because
unlike radio, the
harsh one, we
have the picture—
the one worth
a thousand words.
At the completion of
the current news spot,
told at its urgent,
stentorian best,
I again won’t
make out the words,
but the signoff cadence
will be unmistakable:
This is Russ Jones reporting
for Albatross News

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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