Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rehab Brings it All Back Home

Week 17

Rehab Brings it All Back Home


1. Here’s another Allan, and if you’ve been following, another who’s out of my life but not forgotten.

2. The beauty of poetry is that you really don’t know what you’re going to write until you do.

3. In retrospect, grade school was so full of everything. My life today barely keeps pace.

4. It’s so enriching to see talent and character for what they are, even if it’s decades later.

5. How I am shamed by Allan, who had so much more than I did that I thought was less.

6. What does stature mean to you?

7. Poise matters.


The other Allan,
who spelled our
name the same
way—unusual, that
a grade-school classmate
struck hard by polio
in sixth grade and
left an empty desk
among us for six months.
When he returned
with those clunking
leg braces and
elbow crutches
we welcomed him, I’m sure,
with fear on our faces.
He seemed none the less
for wear in class, as he
was one of our brightest,
with a technical bent
and shone in class projects.
He missed recess with us
and ate lunch alone
as the rest of us
scampered home.
One day I stayed back
and sat with him.
It was good.
I felt his aloneness
but no loneliness.
                        Remembering now,
our eighth grade
graduation picture,
there he stood full stature
among us boys in the back,
strong face, warm smile.
Where are you, Allan?

This blog is dedicated to my friend Randy Lewis,
Senior Vice President, Walgreen Co.

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