Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Struggle That Won’t End

Week 16

The Struggle That Won’t End


1. It’s weird sometimes, how we just fall into a conversation with either a friend or stranger.

2. Someone pulls the trigger on a thought they want to spend time with, and there’s a listener willing to take it up.

3. So here’s the opening gambit: Gossip can serve a good purpose.

4. A release valve, she seems to be saying. Lightens the load of anger that could get to boiling.

5. Realism in human affairs winning out over idealism—the better way.

6. OK, none of us is pure—a constant balm, a slippage inevitable.

7. But habitual, a carcass in the making, one’s own, to perfection.


We were just
relaxing on break
at a conference,
nestled in an alcove.
We’d made contact
by way of words
we spoke
in the larger group.
She says, “I’ve heard
there’s a social purpose
to gossip,
a good thing, you know.”
I said that sounds
like a journalistic tidbit,
a feature writer’s
cooking up a topic
for munching claques.
Later, I wondered further . . .
Hmmm, does it lighten
the load—in the bigger picture,
a societal safety valve?
How can it
when it makes me feel cheap—
speaking or listening?
Thoughts anyone?

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