Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Is Meant to Arrest

Week 25

Art Is Meant to Arrest


            1.   Even though you have no training in art appreciation, as
                  in my case, your eye and heart can go out to a painting.

            2.   Taking some time, unhurried, thoughts, feelings, can
                  come to you as if asked to imagine in some harmless

            3.   You can ask artists what they had in mind when they
                  crafted something and they may say they don’t know or
                  can’t remember.

            4.   So it’s up to you to determine for yourself what the
                  message and meaning are.

            5.   Catherine has been my friend for almost a dozen years.
                  She’s to the right on the wall beside our bed.

            6.   She’s ever silent and makes me wonder.

            7.   I wish she could tell me how it all turned out.


each day my eye
goes to you.
Naked, your long back
to me, resting on
your lower limbs,
left foot tucked under
your bottom, settled,
as many women,
your left arm resting
on your knee.
Fresh from the
band of youth,
retaining Spring,
a picture of lily-like
along a thin firm line,
your light hair gathered
in a bun, a possible
severity. There is a
redness in your side,
a recent wounding? Are
you a Madame Butterfly
of Russia? An
American Southerner,
melancholy in a day room,
fresh from a bath,
warm air flowing
over your shoulders?
Or is there just the
slightest smile of
as you look down?
Some kind of
Yes, that’s it.
do you face?

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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