Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Hound of Heaven

The Hound of Heaven


Our church is an
imposing edifice,
gray gothic stone—
you know the look—
standing regal,
a block long,
complete with spire,
chimes and courtyard,
a beehive of climbers
and crawlers, making
a vigorous assertion
of itself in the place
of commerce on Chicago’s
North Michigan Avenue.
We hold this church
close in our lives,
came across
a painting of it
in orange,
snapped it up,
blinded by it.

To Ponder

            1.   Reared in a Christian family, it was not until I was a
                  junior in college that I heard a professor say “Man created God
                  in his own image.”

            2.   I rebelled at the idea, but over time began to see
                  wisdom in the statement and still do, limited by my
                  earth-born capacities.

            3.   Later, adult, for almost 20 years, the only time I set foot
                  in church was for weddings and funerals. Then came the
                  hound of heaven.

            4.   He came howling in the form of two maligned Medieval
                  Masters: Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) and John Duns
                  Scotus: (1266-1308).

            5.   From Eckhart: “The ultimate and highest form of leave-
                  taking is leaving God for God.”

            6.   Duns Scotus argued Jesus came not to change God’s
                  mind about us by paying a ransom, but change our
                  minds about God.

            7.   This was new and right for me in freedom. I could
                  choose. And I knew the face of God I saw was one of
                  the many faces.

© 2013 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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