Sunday, March 4, 2012

When You’re astride the Compass

Week 9

When You’re astride the Compass


1.   Rich, indeed, is the person who has a friend whose insights lay him back against the wall.

2.   Who do you know and trust who asks of you what you won’t ask yourself?

3.   If you have such a friend linkage, then you are giving, too, or else he would not find your company suitable.

4.   When the question or statement comes in that trust linkage, it cannot be ignored.

5.   So what does it mean when you leave some situation or somebody? It’s not a slight matter.

6.   Owning the meanings that don’t meet the eye help you grow up. Start early. It will pay you back increasingly as you grow older.

7.   You may not ever know just why you made some move, but it will strengthen you to revisit and perhaps revise.


One friend
told another,
You can forget
yesterday more
easily than anyone
I’ve met.
Was it a compliment?
Yes, one has to move on.
Was it a criticism?
Yes, one has to mourn,
to know regret, sadness.
Failure can be learning
and in our Janus-faced
dilemmas of time
we can gain even
from loss of all—
a freedom and exhilaration.
When nothing is left
all is available.
But the original comment
in true love
had to do with election,
when one does the leaving,
choosing, not chosen.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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