Sunday, January 15, 2012

At Bottom, Who’s There?

Week 2

At Bottom, Who’s There?


1.   What does it do to you when someone strong says, Think straight!

2.   When have your thoughts led you astray, when you’ve fessed up, “I was wrong about that.

3.   What lets you know when you’re right-on with your thoughts?

4.   How far apart are your head and heart? How far? How near?

5.   How do you define heart’s desire?

6.   How do you finish the sentence, I am _____?

7.   Where do you need to be right now—emotionally, not geographically—to be at your best?

Photograph by Cher Cox


I think,
therefore I am.
Many have argued
persuasively against
these words by Descartes,
but so what if
they’re right in some way?
We do think and are.
But what do we think?
Where do we end?
If this, then that?
This, therefore that?
Simply, only, that?
Someone has said
the longest distance
is between head
and heart.
Much desire is
not of the heart
but rather attachment—
loyalty to mundane wish.
The modesty of
heart’s desire acknowledged
hoves to shore
our masterful minds.

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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