Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Do I Do Now?

Week 1

What Do I Do Now?


1.   Sometimes old convictions make us old before our time.

2.   What questions, if any, have you entertained lately that raise doubts about your life course?

3.   Should you choose to change course, how bold can you be without having the new path laid out clearly?

4.   Where will you find support if you change course? It’s there to be found.

5.   What still small voice has kept you alive amid doubt and confusion?

6.   What lights you up? Think back to some good times for clues. Go to the light.

7.   Watch your feet. Where are they taking you?

Photography by Cher Cox


Are you on the road
to stop?
I mean, how long
will you travel?
Do you wonder
how much
you should endure?
You look tired,
like someone
worn out from
washing clean clothes.
Are you needed
the you you’ve
trampled under
your own feet?
Shatter them!
They’re only clay.
Roll yourself
in a cart
to that river
and meet there
your invisible
and feet of

© 2012 Allan Cox, Allan Cox & Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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